The goal of the SDCC Cybersecurity Resource Center is to proactively increase community understanding of robust cyber defense (CD) technology, policy, and practices that will enable our Nation to effectively prevent and respond to a catastrophic cyber event. This center will contribute significantly to the advancement of state-of-the-art CD knowledge and practice.




Establish a process that will:

  • Provide programs that commit to excellence in the field of CD education at community and technical college and government training institutions.

  • Provide innovative, comprehensive and multidisciplinary education and training in the CD field.

  • Strengthen the cybersecurity workforce by providing CD education and training through degree and certification programs at community and technical colleges and government training centers.

  • Build an effective education pipeline model with K–12 schools to encourage students at an early age to enter CD fields of study.

  • Provide the Nation with a pipeline of qualified students poised to become the future skilled technical workforce.

  • Continuously improve the quality of CD programs, curriculum, faculty, students, and other constituencies.